Mrs. Vicki Brashears

Special Education Teacher Kling Elementary School

noid1y01042Mrs. Brashears has been teaching in Buena Vista City Public Schools for over 28 years serving our tiniest, most needy students.  She is the guiding light to many students and families that need a beacon of hope to assure them that disabilities do not stop a child from being essential, productive participant in learning and education.  Mrs. Brashears does not recognize the words “can’t do” or “won’t do” when it comes to her students.  She pushes and encourages parents and students alike to never give up …  to strive for that goal when many say “she will never” or “he will never” and in many cases Vicki has proved many medical professional’s wrong.  She is an exceptional teacher, person, mentor and mother and an essential part of the Kling family and Buena Vista City Schools.