CollinCollin has been chosen senior of the month for February.  Collin began the Origami Club at PMHS.  The origami club tries to meet each week at the high school.  It is Collin’s hope to teach students this ancient art form that can be applied to so many things.  He likes to share his creative abilities and finds it quite inspiring. 

His English Teacher, Mr. Floyd said that Collin has always been a hard-working individual and is especially receptive to new ideas.  He is a very creative individual!

Mr. Alexander said that Collin is a really nice young man who is dedicated to his faith and family and who is always kind to others.

He has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout!  He remains involved with scouts and is a junior assistant scout master.  He enjoys giving of his time by camping with the scouts, teaching the younger scouts important skills and spending time with them in general.

Academically, he does well, maintaining the A-B honor roll. He greatly enjoys his art classes at the high school!

Collin currently takes violin lessons; he enjoys making and solving puzzles, and spending time with his family.  He is an active member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He attends services there as well as participating in the youth activities.

His plans upon graduation are to serve on a mission through his church before he goes to college.  He has been accepted at Brigham Young University and hopes to pursue a degree in architecture which will help him to build on his strengths of math and art.

Stacy McCoy


Stacy is an energetic and charismatic individual. She is dedicated to her profession and is constantly seeking to acquire professional knowledge.  Stacy loves her students and goes the extra mile to help them be successful. She has high expectations for her students and demands that they follow rules and regulations. One of the qualities that distinguish Stacy is her focus on establishing and maintaining communication with parents. The connection she forges with parents has been vital in her development into an outstanding educator. It is easy to see that she enjoys her work. Her signature laugh brings a smile to many faces everyday and we hope this award brings a smile to her face.