Lisa Cooper—PMMS and Division Teacher of the Year

Lisa Cooper epitomizes the word dedication. She has high expectations for her students, both academically and behaviorally. A quick visit to her classroom will demonstrate how much she cares for her students and how comfortable they are with her. Her preparation for each lesson is immense. She serves as the 5th grade team leader and is one of only two teachers in the building who has to prepare her students for two different SOL tests.

Mitzie Staton—Enderly

Mrs. Staton is loved by all of her students.  She’s beautiful both inside and out and our school division is lucky to have such an effective, dedicated teacher.  She challenges her students to think and at the same time to enjoy the process of learning. Her students are excited to come to school to find out what they will be learning that day. She is an excellent reading teacher, helping students improve more than one grade level during a year. Not only do they improve their ability to read, she helps her students find books and materials they love so they develop a passion for reading.

Donna Frazier—PMHS

Mrs. Donna Frazier is full of compassion. Her big heart leads her to care for each and every student that walks through her door. She is committed to service and leads by example as the PMHS Interact Club sponsor. Donna is innovative. She exemplifies what it means to be a life-long learner. Three years ago she took on the challenge of teaching AP Computer Science…one of the most difficult AP exams students can take. What she and her students are doing is now being watched by other people and programs across the nation. Donna was selected by her colleagues because she isn’t someone who just comes to work. She lives and breathes teaching…sometimes to the point of pure exhaustion…but she is a true example of what it means to be a teacher—to touch lives, to teach students how to think and how to truly enjoy learning.

Mitzi Wheeler—Kling

Mitzi Wheeler, a native of Buena Vista, has been teaching for 22 years, 19 of which have been in kindergarten in the Buena Vista City school system. Her dedication to her students and their families is apparent on a daily basis through her hard work, continual communication, and her unending patience and caring demeanor.  It’s not uncommon for students to see Mrs. Wheeler and run up to her to offer a hug or say a big “thank you”.   She goes above and beyond and is always willing to help out her colleagues in any way that she can.  It’s not surprising that her colleagues nominated her as Kling’s Teacher-of-the Year.