Generous, Hospitable, Genuine. Those are only a few of the words that describe our October employee of the month, Angie Patterson. On any given day, you can find her answering the phone, making copies for other teachers, playing school nurse, and numerous other acts that display her willingness to be a team player. She performs all of her duties with a sense of warmth and a smile.

Being the wife of a coach and the mother to three student-athletes, it is no surprise that she becomes a coach in the classroom.  She pushes her students to move quickly between transitional activities and to provide a response to a question in a timely manner.  Wasted time is not an option in her Science class, it  moves with a purpose. She encourages her students to explore how lessons affect their everyday lives.

She serves as the chairperson for the PMMS social committee and the sponsor for the PMMS Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

We are proud to honor Mrs. Angie Patterson as our October employee of the month.