Plan Ahead and Earn College Credits While attending PMHS!


MATH 151/152: Math for Liberal Arts                 6 credits

MATH 157: Statistics                                        4 credits

MATH 163/164: Precalculus I&II                         6 credits

ENG 111/112: College Composition I&II              6 credits

PSY 200: Principles of Psychology                       3 credits

PSY 215: Abnormal Psychology                           3 credits

ITD 110: Web Page Design I                               3 credits

ITE 115: Intro. To Computer Applications And Concepts  3 credits

SDV 101:Orientation to Teacher Education                    1 credit

EDU 200: Intro to Teaching as a Profession                   3 credits

Total: 38 credits

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science

AP Calculus

AP U.S. History    

Potential to Earn at least 13 more credits.