Renew The Blue Summary

The original promise was to paint five classrooms.  Here is what

happened last summer at the original Parry McCluer:

  • Painted:
    •      19 classrooms
    •      Entryway
    •      Office hallway
    •      Four bathrooms
  •   Carpet was donated and installed in several areas.
  •  Over 250 people worked as volunteers.  (Many were PMHS grads, and many were not.)
  •  19 businesses and industries contributed.
  •  8 churches/religious groups were involved in providing food and/or  manpower.
  •  All local schools and many school organizations helped.
  • School board and city council and BV workers all helped paint.
  • Local businesses made donations of food, supplies, money, and time.
  • All supplies were purchased locally and many businesses gave substantial discounts.
  • The project cost $8,627.07.  Funds donated amounted to $8,602.27.
  • Of the donations, $1,425 came from Blues that now live elsewhere but carry BV in their hearts forever.  Thanks to every Blue, near and far.