Melanie Beard


Mrs. Beard is a true gem!  She is dedicated to making our library program a success and is willing to help out whenever help is needed.  Mrs. Beard has also done an amazing job with our Student Council Association over the past several years.  Working between both elementary schools, she is a very busy woman.  We are lucky to have her support and welcome her enthusiasm towards making our library a place everyone wants to be.


Susan Moore and Linda Barger

Susan Moore and Linda Barger

Linda Barger and Susan Moore are our November and December Employees of the Month. Linda and Susan have a combined 61 years of experience working at PMHS. The principal, Anna Graham, describe Linda and Susan as “the glue that holds PMHS together.” From keeping track of past and current student files, answering numerous calls a day, buzzing guests into the building, maintaining the financial records, lending an ear to staff, and handing out student meds and bandaids…they seriously do it all. Their dedication to Parry McCluer High School and Buena Vista City Schools makes them the perfect choice for November and December Employees of the Month.


Robin Thomas is so deserving of the employee of the month award.  She has been a vital part of starting the school year right. She helps students, teachers, parents, and has been a great help in the transition of administration. Robin cares for the sick children and adults at Kling.  She manages the office in a friendly professional manner and is extremely organized.  She does an excellent job keeping the accounting records and goes above and beyond duties to make sure things at F. W. Kling run smoothly.  Robin often helps students with their classwork, and always has a kind word to say when they enter the office.  She takes pride in her job and is always willing to stay late, come early, and do whatever it takes.


Generous, Hospitable, Genuine. Those are only a few of the words that describe our October employee of the month, Angie Patterson. On any given day, you can find her answering the phone, making copies for other teachers, playing school nurse, and numerous other acts that display her willingness to be a team player. She performs all of her duties with a sense of warmth and a smile.

Being the wife of a coach and the mother to three student-athletes, it is no surprise that she becomes a coach in the classroom.  She pushes her students to move quickly between transitional activities and to provide a response to a question in a timely manner.  Wasted time is not an option in her Science class, it  moves with a purpose. She encourages her students to explore how lessons affect their everyday lives.

She serves as the chairperson for the PMMS social committee and the sponsor for the PMMS Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

We are proud to honor Mrs. Angie Patterson as our October employee of the month.

noid1y01226Shonna Young came to Buena Vista City Schools in December of 2012, filling the elementary guidance counselor position at both Enderly Heights and Kling. Despite coming in mid-year, Ms. Young stepped in effortlessly and quickly became a trusted and dedicated colleague, as well as a positive role model for the students at both schools.  In addition to meeting with students individually and in groups, Ms. Young helps with Child Study, attends eligibility meetings, and keeps up with attendance issues at each school, sending out letters and meeting with parents to discuss the importance of regulary attending school. When asked to describe Ms. Young in one word, it was quickly apparent just how much Ms. Young has affected those around her.  Words like, outstanding, energetic, caring, involved, wonderful, and sweet were just a few of the many positive remarks spoken about Ms. Young.  It is both a privilege and an honor to work with Ms. Young and we look forward to having her in our elementary schools for years to come.  

Krista CastrodaleMs. Castrodale has the unique ability to see the potential for greatness and beauty in every piece of trash or recyclable you give her. Her art classes are so popular and in demand, she agreed this year to give up her planning periods for both semesters to accommodate students’ needs. Over the summer, Ms. Castrodale painted a beautiful montage of the four Buena Vista schools. This painting now hangs in the superintendent’s office.

Ms. Castrodale is always looking for ways to enhance her art program. Last April, her 3D Concepts class participated in the “One Million Bones” project. Her students made human bones out of clay to contribute to the installation on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to bring awareness and raise money for efforts to prevent global genocide. This year alone, she has sponsored the Origami Club after school, showcased our students in the community art show, held an open studio after school to celebrate art, and applied for and received a Blues Foundation Grant to bring a guest artist into her classroom. In addition to her academic duties, she is also a member of the PMHS 8th grade transition team.

Ms. Castrodale is not only involved in her work as an art teacher; she is also completing her master’s degree and has most recently become certified as a Body Attack instructor. She currently teaches a fitness classes to faculty members after school each week at the high school. She is also teaching Body Attack on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in the SVU Dance Studio.

Stacy McCoy


Stacy is an energetic and charismatic individual. She is dedicated to her profession and is constantly seeking to acquire professional knowledge.  Stacy loves her students and goes the extra mile to help them be successful. She has high expectations for her students and demands that they follow rules and regulations. One of the qualities that distinguish Stacy is her focus on establishing and maintaining communication with parents. The connection she forges with parents has been vital in her development into an outstanding educator. It is easy to see that she enjoys her work. Her signature laugh brings a smile to many faces everyday and we hope this award brings a smile to her face.

Denise Fitzgerald

noid1y11021Big or small, short or tall, Denise Fitzgerald has touched the lives of many Buena Vista students. Her dedication to the students of this school system is like none other. She constantly strives each and every day to improve upon her instruction and to make herself the best teacher she can be. You would think that after 37 years in the “business”, she would be through with learning new things and trying to adapt her teaching style to the 21st Century Learner. That couldn’t be further from the truth, just ask her about her new technology initiative :)

Denise has quite the personality and can light up any room. I don’t think she has ever met a stranger. This is a good thing as long as you don’t tag along with her to Wal-Mart and think that it will be a quick trip! She is the first to make a new teacher feel welcome or a new student feel at home. She is eager to share her vast knowledge of educating students with other teachers and is a valuable resource to Mrs. Harris and the faculty at Enderly Heights Elementary.

Thank you Denise for sharing your talent, your passion and your love of learning! Here’s to another 37 years!

David Ramsey

Security Officer

david_ramseyThe employee of the month for December is Officer David Ramsey who is primarily stationed at Parry McCluer High School. Office Ramsey became the School Resource Officer at the beginning of the school year. He quickly became a member of the Parry McCluer Family.

Officer Ramsey is dedicated to making sure our students attend school. He makes house calls and contacts parents of frequently truant students. He also makes frequent sweeps through the halls to make sure students are in class and on task. While Officer Ramsey is committed to school safety and hard work, he is also dedicated to having fun at work and enjoying his job! His easy-going personality makes him very approachable for students. His great approach to students, commitment to teaching respect and responsibility and high visibility in the halls made him an excellent choice for this month’s employee of the month.

Mrs. Vicki Brashears

Special Education Teacher Kling Elementary School

noid1y01042Mrs. Brashears has been teaching in Buena Vista City Public Schools for over 28 years serving our tiniest, most needy students.  She is the guiding light to many students and families that need a beacon of hope to assure them that disabilities do not stop a child from being essential, productive participant in learning and education.  Mrs. Brashears does not recognize the words “can’t do” or “won’t do” when it comes to her students.  She pushes and encourages parents and students alike to never give up …  to strive for that goal when many say “she will never” or “he will never” and in many cases Vicki has proved many medical professional’s wrong.  She is an exceptional teacher, person, mentor and mother and an essential part of the Kling family and Buena Vista City Schools.