Work Order Request

    Buena Vista City Public Schools Maintenance and Custodial Department is dedicated to the highest standard of proper maintenance, cleanliness, hygiene and safety of its facilities and grounds.  It is our goal to continue on a path of higher standards so as to provide a professional and motivational learning environment for our students now and in the future.
    Jimmy Mason, Maintenance Manager

    Buena Vista City Public Schools Maintenance Department is comprised of a team of one full time employee and one part-time employee.
    Your work request is important to me.  You are my first line in maintaining proper maintenance of our facilities.  Please submit your work request to me via e-mail so that I may prioritize the importance of each request.  Your request will be responded to as soon as possible.
    Effective immediately, all maintenance work requests must be submitted via e-mail with our new work order system.  We can no longer accept verbal, in-person, walk-in,  or phone called in work requests from any source.  Any and all current work requests given to the BVCPS Maintenance Department from one of these methods which remain uncompleted at this time are hereby nullified.  If you currently have a verbal or phoned in request for maintenance, please at this time re-enter your request via e-mail.
    This job queue is prioritized not by the request date, but by job priority according to the following criteria:
    #1 Division Level Needs
    #2 Individual Building Level Needs
    #3 Individual Needs
    We are a small department trying to meet many needs and this is the only fair system to make this work for everyone.  Thank you for your support.
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