Superintendent's Message

    Increasing BV Schools Graduation Rate
    We’re in This Together!
    Our school system has taken on the challenge of increasing our graduation rate. But we need the community’s support in this effort. How can you help?
    1. Ask questions at the elementary level regarding your child’s reading level. One predictor of high school graduation is reading on level by third grade.
    2. Support the after school and summer school remediation programs. If your son or daughter is recommended to attend, please give us the opportunity to assist them by ensuring their attendance.
    3. Investigate our Talent Search program at the high school. This will provide funding opportunities and guidance for post secondary education, trade schools, etc.
    4. Meet with guidance counselors. It’s never too early to start making plans for your son or daughter’s future.
    5. Impress on your middle school and high school students that better paying jobs come with a high school diploma and some post secondary education or training.
    6. Explore the possibilities through our Career and Technical Education courses. It’s changed from what we used to know as “vocational education”.
    Most important, ask questions and show your son or daughter that you are communicating with their schools and you know exactly what’s going on!!!!!
    Thanks for your continued support.
    Dr. Rebecca Gates