The Blues Education Foundation

    The Blues Education Foundation Goals
    1. To establish a partnership with Parry McCluer Alumni and friends, local business and industry.
    2. To provide a medium for teachers and staff to pursue grant opportunities.
    3. To recognize teachers and staff for outstanding teaching and performance.
    4. To recognize partnerships that promotes the academic and vocational programs.  Example:  Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
    5. To support quality education programs in the Buena Vista City Public Schools.
    6. To provide financial support for the goals of the Buena Vista Ctiy School System.

    Tax Deductible Contributions For Your Taxes

    The Blues Education Foundation is now on the list for easy, convenient electronic filings.  The foundation supports the quality educational programs right here in our Buena Vista School System.  For more information on the Foundation, please contact Dr. Rebecca Gates, Superintendent.   

    Donations/Contributions to the 
    Blues Education Foundation may be made to:
    Blues Education Foundation
    Buena Vista City Public Schools
    2329 Chestnut Avenue, Suite A
    Buena Vista, VA  24416