Holden Kerr, Jackson River Governor's School Science Fair Winner

The Sound of Fear
Posted on 04/24/2019
The Sound of Fear

The Sound of Fear

Holden Kerr is a junior at Parry McCluer High School. He is also currently attending Jackson River Governor’s School. Holden was one of six students to win at the governor’s school science fair.  Six judges from various STEM field were the judges.

I asked Holden what subject his project was on...

“I wanted to test the effects of fear and anxiety on focus”

Holden was inspired to make his project about this subject around Halloween time, when the new Halloween movie came out...

 “When I was watching the movie I was wondering what was the purpose of having these sounds in the movie? After doing some research, I found out that without having those sounds in horror movies that it wouldn’t have as much suspense as it does with the sounds.”

Holden found out and interesting way to test his subject...

 “I constructed a test that was 50% math and 50% historical recall. They studied the questions beforehand.”

 I wanted to know how much time that Holden had to put into a project like this...

 “I took me a couple of weeks to design everything and create the test. After that the collection of the data took about 5-6 weeks.”

 The final question for Holden was how it felt to be a winner of the science fair...

 “I definitely thought I had a good chance to win, but it was still surprising.”

Holden Kerr put a lot of time and effort into creating this project and he picked a subject that he was curious about and wanted to learn more about. It all payed off in the end!

Until next time, Kagen Roberts

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