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Arts: Teaching Transcends Time
Posted on 08/11/2018
From Mother to Daughter
You never know what kind of influence you may have on your own children. You always hope it's positive. You hope they will take your strengths and forget your weaknesses.
For former Buena Vista City public schools English teacher, Dawn Dickinson, she influenced her daughter Courtney's career path.

Dawn remembers when Courtney was in college at Hollins University...
"I'd say, 'Now Courtney take some education classes cause you might decide you want to go into teaching.' "
Some great advice because you never know what the future holds. 
"But Courtney would respond, 'But, Momma I am never going to teach. Never.' " 

Fast forward to now, Courtney is an art teacher for the Buena Vista City Public school system where she works at Enderly, Kling and the middle school. 

"Lesson from that is never say never," Dawn laughs. "I'm excited Courtney came all the way around the barn and back to something she's really enjoying."

Courtney learned from one of the best in the business. Dawn spent 27 years teaching English and she hoped Courtney would have the same passion in whatever subject she decided to teach. 

"I learned from my mom when it comes to teaching that whether it's a good kid or a bad kid, they all have something to offer in the classroom," Courtney said. "I found out early that in art some of the kids that don't do well in other classes will excel with me. I learned from my mom to embrace everything children have to offer in the classroom and foster it."

It's great to the new generation learn from the best and bring those tools back to Buena Vista.


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